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About Us

Somalia Union Cooperative Movement (UDHIS) is an umbrella organization for all cooperatives in Somalia established in 1973. UDHIS are engaging  Socio-Economic Production, which plays an important role in the production and economic development of the country. It serves as the voice of the cooperatives movement both nationally and internationally.

UDHIS also serves as the main cooperative policy advisor for the government, implements various cooperative development projects, and is mandated by law to arbitrate and help settle conflicts within the cooperative movement

UDHIS membership consist with 6 (six) different union cooperatives come from six Regional States of the Federal Republic of Somalia:1.      Union of the Agriculture cooperatives Movement2.      Union of the Fisheries cooperatives Movement3.      Union of the Livestock, Forestry and Incense Cooperatives Movement4.      Union of the Transportation and Construction cooperatives Movement5.      Union of the Industries and Handcrafts Cooperatives Movement6.      Union of the Consumer and Service cooperatives MovementAll these have direct membership and access to UDHIS services and benefits. It will be integrated into all cooperative levels in Somalia, accordance the law and regulation of the UDHIS.