The 41st Anniversary of the UDHIS

8 January is the day of Somali Union Cooperatives Movement (UDHIS). We are celebrating 41st Anniversary of the UDHIS and the Flag – raising ceremony of International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) into our headquarter. The flags that were raised the headquarter are Somalia flag, ICA flag and UDHIS flag.

The guests attended the ceremony were: H.E. Dahir Minister of State for commerce and industry of the Somali Federal Government, Chaiman of the Parliamentery Committee on Economy, Commerce, Industry and Investment, Hon. Mohamud Abdirahman Sh. Farah, members of parliamantry , Permanent Secratory of the Minsitry of Agriculture and irrigation, Somalia Non-State Actors (SONSA) other high officer from different institutions and also more than 360 cooperators from different regional state of Somalia.

First celebration starts in UDHIS building were we had the flag raised ceremony, then we moved the ceremony to the Peace Garden hole closed our headquarter.. The first speaker was Secretary General of the UDHIS Dr Khalid Omar Ali, he spoke about past history, steps and the progress of UDHIS made until now. Followed by the Minister, Chairs of Standy committee of the Parliamentary and other cooperators.

Majority of the speakers were congratulate quick achievement of the UDHIS and also been Membership of the ICA. There were competition like pulling the robe within Federation cooperatives like Agriculture, Fishery, Transportation ,Consumer and Service and so on. The Cabinet Members and Member of Parliaments committed to support to the UDHIS and also declare the collaboration and cooperation with all sectoral Federation cooperatives through UDHIS.

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