Dooro luuqadaada



The mandate of UDHIS is:

  • To advocate and represent the interests of the Somali Union Cooperative     Movement (UDHIS) at all levels national and international.
  • To involving its economic and enrichment program that strengthening       collaboration between Cooperatives and their partners with the International        Cooperative Alliance (ICA), Arab and African Cooperatives Union  etc.
  • To promote Cooperative Movements and investigate problems related to market access for the cooperative business and seek for the network and proper partners associated and interested with cooperative products, while preserving the cooperative identity.
  • To create empowerment system and sustain cooperative movement, through innovative transfer of knowledge, research and networking, for improved cooperative productivity
  • To train and educate the members for capacity of the cooperators in the proper leadership, management and operations of cooperatives using the recommended cooperative principles as well as the role of cooperative practices.
  • To provide advisory services to co-operatives in their productions and accurate an operation manners.
  • To mobilize resources for the Union cooperatives movement in Somalia as a whole.

Our Members

Union of the Transportation and Construction cooperatives Movement
Union of the Fisheries cooperatives Movement
Union of the Industries and Handcrafts Cooperatives Movement
Union of the Consumer and Service cooperatives Movement
Union of the Livestock, Forestry and Incense Cooperatives Movement
National Union Agriculture Cooperatives